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  1. Love my new lenses, mirrored bronze. Perfect for driving and fishing.
    Had an issue with the wrong lenses being shipped but Zach at fuse helped out straight away and sent a replacement- thanks Zach
    Great product and great service

  2. Habe lange nach passenden Ersatzlinsen für meine geliebte MauiJim gesucht und wurde letztendlich hier fündig, in Deutschland waren keine aufzutreiben.

    Die Qualität der Linsen und auch der kurzweilige Versand sind so toll, das ich mittlerweile das 3. Paar ( verschiedene Farben ) geordert habe.

    Bei der 3. Bestellung gab es Probleme, DHL hat das Paket verschlampt!!! , dies in einem Schreiben auch eingeräumt, im nächsten Satz jedoch einen Schadensersatz ausgeschlossen.

    Ich kontaktierte Fuse Lenses über diese erbärmliche Leistung von DHL, wir standen auch vorher schon im ständig in Verbindung, wurde also nie mit dem Problem alleine gelassen.

    FuseLenses zögerte nach Erhalt der Mail nicht und schickte mir umgehend ein neues Paar, welches ich dann auch pünktlich nach nicht mal 1 Woche in Händen hielt.

    – Ware und auch Angebot sind TOP
    – Preise, Versandkosten und Lieferzeiten GENIAL
    – Kommunikation mit Fuse Lenses echt 1A
    – Kundenservice UNSCHLAGBAR !!!!

    Vielen Dank für alles

    Andreas Jacobs

    Have been looking for suitable replacement lenses for my beloved MauiJim and was eventually find him here, in Germany were not to be found.

    The quality of the lens and also the entertaining delivery are so great that I have now ordered the 3rd pair (various colors).

    At the 3rd order, there were problems, DHL has misplaced the package !!! This also acknowledged in a letter, however, ruled out a compensation in the next sentence.

    I contacted Fuse Lenses this pitiful performance of DHL, we were even before that in constant communication, was therefore never left with the problem alone.

    FuseLenses not hesitated after receiving the mail and sent me immediately a new pair, which I then held on time after less than one week in hands.

    – Goods and offer are TOP
    – Prices, shipping costs and delivery times ingenious
    – Communication with Fuse Lenses genuine 1A
    – Customer UNBEATABLE !!!!

    Many thanks for everything

  3. LOVED my Oakley Necessity lense replacements!!!! Thanks so much Fuse!!! I was so bummed Oakley didn’t make these glasses anymore and the lenses were super scratched. I just discovered y’all and I will DEFINATELY be back to order again!!! Thanks!!!

  4. Just got my lenses and very impressed! They fit perfect and look awesome!
    So happy to get my Oakley Valves bad on my head! Great work Fuse!!

  5. I needed to replace some scratched lenses in a couple pair of my Spy sunglasses. I found the Fuse website while researching lens replacement options. I ordered two sets of lenses for my sunglasses they arrived within 7 working days. The lenses fit perfectly and look great I ordered lenses with a color coating versus the original Grey lenses. The lenses color coating looked so good I decided to order 4 other sets of lenses for some of my other sunglasses opting for a color coding versus the standard Grey.Since that time I’ve ordered another 5 pairs of lenses with various color coatings. I have also be coming advocate for the Fuse lens brand and received two pair via the program. I can’t say anything bad about these lenses the fit, color, and optics have been perfect for each pair of replacement lenses. I would definitely recommend Fuse to replace any sunglass lenses that you need replaced.
    Keep up the great work.
    Thank you
    Thomas Catlett

  6. Hubby has very old Racing Jacket Oakleys…frames in good shape, but lenses were shot. Ordered a set, they came, didn’t fit. Sent ’em back, along with the original, worn-out lenses. Got a GREAT response from Zach Goodin. After a couple of email exchanges, he sent me a pre-paid shipping label, I sent in the old frames on Monday and on Saturday, the glasses were in my husband’s hands with a smile that couldn’t be wiped off his face. He was over the moon happy and I scored a homerun.
    Thank you FuseLenses…..your team and your customer service has made me a customer for life…..

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