Make your Sunnies last all Summer


We just hope he rinsed his lenses after this picture…


By now, your sunglasses have probably seen their share of salt water, sand, and that hot summer heat. Your sunglasses might even be on their last leg. But, it doesn’t have to be this way! Follow these tips to keep those glasses in pristine condition throughout summer, and beyond.

Rinse After Salty Days
After boating on the open sea, or lounging on the beach, always make sure to run your lenses under cool, clean water. I think we all knows what happens when you mix metal with salt water. What you might not know is that mirror coated lenses are made with a metal coating – this means that salt water can have the same effect! By rinsing your glasses, you are protecting those coatings or other metal parts on your glasses (such as the screws) and stopping that salt water in its tracks.

Never Clean Dry
Cleaning your lenses is a great thing to do to keep vision crisp and dirt away, however, it can also have adverse effects if not done correctly. The biggest blunder is cleaning your lenses dry. A speck of sand or dirt rubbing against a dry lens acts as a razor blade running across it. To stop this, you always want to wet your lenses before cleaning. Ideally, this is done with an alcohol-free lens cleaner. If all else fails, just blowing off the debris and fogging them up with your breath is way better than nothing!

Beat the Heat
Summer heat can easily distort plastic frames. Leaving your sunglasses on your car dash is a surefire way to end up with misshapen frames. A similar effect can happen by constantly resting your sunglasses on top of your head. In both cases, your frames can either soften or stretch and cause your sunglasses to fit looser or even effect the fitment of your lenses! The easy fix is to take your sunglasses with you on any stop and safely store your glasses away in a case when they are not in use.

Buy Quality
Nothing combats wear and tear like quality parts in your frames or quality coatings on your lenses. Luckily, Fuse Lenses is here for you! Not only do we feature our Clear Guard hydrophobic coating and our Fuse Force hard coating on every lens we sell, but also splurging on a good quality frame doesn’t seem so bad when you know that we will be able to provide good priced, fresh lenses throughout the life of the frame! You can thank us later.


Follow these tips and we guarantee that your sunglasses will outlast the summer! Unless, of course, they end up at the bottom of the ocean after a hardcore session of tubing. But – besides that – the risks are minimal. Good luck out there! 

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