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Getting blinded by the sun while driving isn’t just annoying, but also can be very dangerous. But, did you know that driving with the wrong sunglasses could be just as dangerous? Here are the top 3 mistakes made when choosing the perfect pair, whether it’s for your daily commute or your next road trip:

3. They are the wrong tint

If you’re a girl who ” sees the world through rose-colored glasses” – we have some bad news for you. Fashion tints in blue, pink, green, and reds can be horrible for driving. These tints distort colors, which can be especially dangerous when driving since we rely on three very important colors to let us know when we can and can’t drive. (i.e red, yellow, green) The best tints for driving are either grays or browns since these colors offer enhanced contrast or true color perception.

2. They are too dark

It is possible for your sunglasses to be too dark! *gasp* The darkest tints you can get fall somewhere around 3-8% Visual Light Transmission (VLT). While these super dark sunnies are great for bright, blinding light surrounding you (maybe on a boat in the ocean or standing in the middle of a snowy field), they are a little too excessive for driving. The darkest you should go in the car should be 8% VLT. This ensures you are combatting bright light, without compromising your vision. Check out the table here for recommended VLTs for driving conditions. You can always ask us if you have any questions about VLTs of our lenses!

1. They aren’t polarized

If your glasses aren’t polarized, they aren’t blocking glare – they are just darkening. This can mean that sun glare can still get you. For days when driving toward the sun is unavoidable, make sure your driving pair of glasses is polarized – that way it actually combats glare. If you don’t want to take my word for it, check out how polarized lenses work here.

So, there you go! If you find yourself making any of these driving faux-pas when it comes to sunglasses, just remember that you can buy both your every day, and your driving set of lenses from Fuse! It’s literally a snap to switch them out right before your daily commute.

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