Sunglasses Across the Globe


Sunglasses Across the World

Of course, all across the world are rich languages that each have their own word for sunglasses, but in addition to that, we have slang and pop culture terms, too! So, what do you call your sunglasses?

If you are in the United States or parts of Canada, you are probably going to constantly refer to them as shades. Unless you are a popular rapper, in that case you might be wearing Hater Blockers or Stunna Shades. In movies and songs from the early 20th century, you’ll find that they were often called cheaters.

Snow Goggles

Rudolph M. Anderson, May 1916, Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Native tribes in the Alaskan or Canadian Arctic might have seen Snow Goggles. These are awesome early Inuit sunglasses that help prevent snow-blindness by allowing you to see only out of a small slit. The world’s first sunglasses basically just squint for you.

If you are in Australia, New Zealand, UK, or South Africa, you definitely own a pair of Sunnies. Or if you reside in South Australia, you might prefer Spekkies.

In the Middle East, the term Cooling Glasses is popular.

In India, Glares.

In Scotland, Gleks.


Or if you are looking to be different, these terms for sunglasses might appeal to you:


-Sun Spectacles

-Sun Specs

-Sun shades

-Dark Glasses

-Tinted Lenses


-Solar Shields

There is even a name for your dog’s sunglasses, Doggles!

As you can see, there are a TON of ways you can refer to your solar shields. All we know is that whatever you happen to call them, you have to wear them! Make sure you look into Fuse for when those gleks are needing a refresh.

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